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Soprano, vocal coach, workshop leader and recording artist.

Sara Davey 2018

  Sara Brimer Davey was born in East Tennessee and studied Music Education and Music Performance at East Tennessee State University.  In 2018 she received a “Distinguished Alumni” award from her university for work she has done across the globe.

  Since moving to London to join The Swingles as high soprano in 2009 she has worked on the Sky TV show Sing: Ultimate Acapella, she has sung on the backings of over 30 films including Wonder Woman and the Hunger Games, and she has workshopped and coached vocal groups and individuals worldwide.  After leaving The Swingles in 2018, Sara has continued singing and coaching and is currently living just outside of Cambridge enjoying the English village life.

"A vocal Chameleon and powerhouse, she is undoubtedly one of the best vocalists I have ever had the privilege to see on a stage or anywhere else."

- Sean Patrick Riley / CASA

"Sara is a rare gem, a voice so gorgeous and free, she's in a category all her own.  A coloratura that can swing, she moves sound to every corner of a room with her interchangeable, expressive voice, skipping stones across the water can't catch her.  I'm a big fan." 

- Lauren Kinhan / New York Voices

"Sara only has nice notes.  She is effortless and lights up the stage.  In anyone else this would be a nauseating amount of talent but she gets away with it because she's so damn nice."

- Gareth Malone

"It is no exaggeration to say that she wowed everybody; seasoned musicians couldn’t quite believe what they were hearing and seeing. Without being sycophantic, Sara’s voice, interpretation, empathy, efficiency and teamwork are sublime."

- Adrian Nash / The Julie Cooper Band

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